A R S B Edge

  • Executive Team has 30+ years of experience in Academic field and 25+ years of experience in Corporate World with wide contacts across the globe.
  • ARSB Executive Transformation Center (ETP) helps students to become corporate ready professionals with trainings on Soft Skills, Presentation skills, Corporate Trainings, Personality Development Trainings, Entrepreneurial Skills, Interview Preparation, Communication Skills, Certification Programs, etc.,.)
  • Periodic Industrial visits and trainings.
  • Entrepreneurship Assistance Program.
  • Inhouse IT Development Center and Consultancy Operations(MoM Signed with AR Info Solutions and Consulting (P) Ltd).

Why B School, an Exclusive MBA College

  • Exclusive MBA Program to help graduates become effective decision-makers and communicators, essential qualities for today's leaders.
  • Engaged learning approach providing conceptual understanding and practical insights.
  • Imbibe character and focus in the Program, for graduates to excel in the Corporate World.
  • Emphasis on Entrepreneur Activities.