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ARSB News Letter
    Dear Reader(s),

    It gives me mammoth pleasure and delight to launch the first edition of Acuity – a biannual newsletter from the stable of DoMS, AR School of Business. The first edition donning with a new appearance that includes various areas of interest. I take this opportunity to thank all the readers who spared their indispensable time to come out with valuable suggestions to enhance the quality of reading. Wish you a joyful learning!

    G. Sangeetha
    Chief Editor

Message From Editors Desk

Our Logo

    The bird in the logo is a Dove. We chose the dove because it has several positive traits like that the Newsletter stands for. Dove is an archetype of community living and sharing and loving of each other which are the good of Acuity. Dove’s are very adaptable, blend of the best and can live in different climatic conditions. The bird has been created in a manner that it looks like a forward arrow, taking everybody along together for the journey. The three strokes symbolize the teaching, learning and extension. The newsletter is working to bring change towards success, not only for one’s self but also for the society.

ARSB News Letter

ACUITY Edition Detail

01 01 DECEMBER 2014 ACUITY_Edition_01
02 01 June 2015 ACUITY_Edition_02
03 01 DECEMBER 2015 ACUITY_Edition_03